Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Time Shav'in

Drew and Kyra LOVE taking baths. Some night, they would stay in the bath over an hour if I let them. A couple nights ago, they decided they were going to shave.

The shaving cream is applied.

Time to shave.

Be careful.

Not too close to your eyes!

Almost done.

Swim Lessons

Drew's Friend's Bday Party

On Sunday, Drew went to his friend Abi's 4th birthday party at My Gym. Drew had a great time!
Drew's in the brown and white striped shirt. The birthday girl is in the blue shirt.

Here's the whole group. Drew's 2nd from the right side. Kyra stayed home with Daddy and took a nap.

Drew getting ready for the zip line. He was so excited because they got to do it twice.


Drew and his team walking the bases, going from 2nd to 3rd. Drew's in the green hat, red shirt and shorts.

Practicing catching.

Kyra playing around.

Kyra being silly!