Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Last night, our friends, Kathy, Karl, Luke, and Josh, invited us over to their house to celebrate Halloween with them. Our other friends, Shannon, Chase, and Weston were there too! We had a great dinner, then got the kids ready to go trick-or-treating. We left their house about 6pm and had the streets to ourselves for at least 45mins. It was a beautiful night...probably around 50 degrees.

Both Drew and Kyra had so much fun running from house to house ringing the doorbells and saying trick-or-treat! We were out 2 whole hours. I think everyone had a fabulous time!

The Halloween gang! Kyra, Weston, Josh, Luke, & Drew

Kyra the butterfly!

Drew Batman

Drew's 1st EVER hockey practice!

Saturday morning, Drew had his first hockey practice. He got all geared up and was excited to go skate.

Mike getting Drew all dressed - the smiles a very good thing!

Mike helping Drew on the ice. Neither Mike or I was on the ice with him...just coaches.

Drew started off holding onto a chair in the beginning. He did great.

By the end of the hour, Drew (the 2nd boy with the red and green jersey) was skating ALL BY HIMSELF!!!

Drew did an amazing job! Mike and I were and are so proud of him. Drew is wearing a red and green Wild jersey. Enjoy the pictures and make sure to check out the video on the right side!