Monday, March 14, 2011

LOVE Hellos Hate Goodbyes

We have been very blessed, and busy, the last three months with so many visitors.

In January, my sister, Emily and her girls, Natalie and Ava, flew to Utah and surprised us with a week long visit. It was the best surprise EVER!!! I had no idea. Drew and Kyra had so much fun playing with Nat and Ava, and Emily and I loved being together. We were so sad to say goodbye. Here's some pictures from when they were here.

In February, my in-laws came and spent time with us. They got to see Drew play hockey, see his school,and see Kyra's school. I also took them out to Antelope Island. The kids loved playing with Gma and Gpa; they did not want them to go home. It was great having them visit.

In March, Mike's brother Mark and his wife Kristen came to visit us. It was yet another great visit. Mike was able to take 2 days off, so that was really nice being all together. We drove them up to Trapers Point (not sure if that's what it's called) and to Snow Basin. They too got to see Drew play hockey and loved seeing the kids' schools. Mike took Mark to Bear Lake snowmobiling; and they had an awesome time. Today, we had to say goodbye to our last visitors. Like I said, we are very blessed to have made some great memories. We miss you already!!!